The Naughty StepDaughter

In the darkness of the night a pair of red tail lights starts glowing. In the other lane there are no movements at all. He is locked in the vise again, even before the tunnel this time.
Charlie sighs and turn off the radio. The humming noise from the car engine is as monotonous as the working day had been but the sound is at least hushed and restful. Before him is Eva Angelina. She whispers delightfully alluring promises of how good she can do it for him, always with a playful smile and curious eyes. Not to mention her stunning body and the lovely way she moans…

This short story have about 5 400 words.

Du kan låna denna engelska erotiska novell hos ditt bibliotek eller köpa den hos din närmaste ebokhandlare. Skulle den saknas på biblioteket, be att de tar hem den.

Omslag - The Naughty StepDaughter

Omslag – The Naughty StepDaughter

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